Adoption Option

Why we place our babies for adoption

Abigail Rebecca Summer

Rebecca's Story

I placed my son, Jack, for adoption in 2005, when he was three weeks and two days old. It was one of the hardest, selfless and most rewarding decisions I have ever made.

 Rebecca's adoption story  © Rebecca Davies

I was alone, scared and without family support, and adoption was by far the best choice for me. I took care of my baby before the adoption, taking that time to form my own special bond with him.

The most amazing memory I have is when Jack's adoptive parents met him for the first time. Nothing felt more right, or more special than giving a very special couple the most precious gift anyone could hope for. I felt empowered and incredibly lucky, to be giving my little baby a life full of love, a life full of everything I wasn't in a position to offer him by myself.

 © Rebecca davies

And best of all, this is an open adoption and I am able to see him growing up and enjoying life. I don’t feel that I have lost a child, rather I have gained more family.