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Adoption Option Newsletter No. 8

25 October 2010

Newsletter October 2010

This newsletter has had a shaky start–literally. I came back home to Christchurch from visiting my family in the UK the day before the 7.1 earthquake. This did mean it took a little longer for me to get back into Adoption Option work than I would have liked. I do hope if you are in Canterbury that you weren’t badly affected.

Besides an earthquake and over 1000 aftershocks a lot has happened since the last newsletter and I do hope you find something of interest in this edition.

Sue Kingham - Chair


Our New Website Is Live

We are thrilled to announce that the new website is up and running. Thanks to all who have helped create this new site including Richard Lord at Caravan Media who filmed the video clips and Cabbage Tree Creative who supplied the design expertise. It has taken nine months but we are delighted with the result and we would love to hear what you think about it. The web address is the same as before


The site is more pregnant woman focused than the previous one. Our aim is to give someone facing an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy the information about how adoption occurs in New Zealand. From there they can go on to contact Child, Youth and Family to look into whether-or-not adoption is the best choice for them.

If you have ideas on things we may have missed or need to tweak (or even if you want to say you love it) do flick us an email.



With the new website we have released a new Adoption Option DVD. The focus of the DVD has moved from the drama, which was the main feature of the previous DVD, to birth-mums sharing their experiences placing children for adoption. The whole of the DVD is now available via the new website. We have added the DVD contents to YouTube to enable it to reach a wider audience. If you would like to have actual copies of the DVD they are still available to order. However, we are not supplying resource packs at this stage. We are working on a leaflet aimed at pregnant women to tie in with the new look. We hope this will be available in the New Year.

The Adoption Option Trust board would like to thank Tracy Matehe and her family for putting the covers into the DVD boxes. Great job – thanks guys.

 Adoption Option Trust  © Tracy Matehe


Taiki Matehe helping his mum Tracy pack the new DVDs


Adoption in the Media


On the 30th May there was a very positive article entitled “Welcome Home” by Melinda Williams in the Sunday Star Times. It covered two couples who went through the CYF Adoption, Education and Preparation course and one woman who decided to place her child for adoption. Despite not mentioning the Adoption Option Trust it was fantastic to see a positive article on adoption in a National newspaper. To read the article click here.



A movie called Mother and Child was on general release in New Zealand in mid October. It has a wonderful cast of well-known Hollywood actors and it tells the adoption stories of a number of characters. These include a teenage pregnant woman and a forty-year-old birth mum who is bitter about being forced to place her child for adoption when she was 14. It also follows the adopted daughter, now in her 30s, who has attachment issues, as well as a couple who are unable to have children and are looking into adoption.

Although the movie is about the American system and most of the action is about the negative aspects of closed adoption, it does show some positives coming out of an adoption and it is well acted by those characters struggling with their closed adoption issues. It is well worth seeing if you are interested in adoption. It reinforced for me the necessity for good quality pre-adoption counselling for all those involved and the need for support for all parties following an adoption placement.


Key Volunteers and Volunteer Presenters

The trustees wish to thank Steve Dunne in Nelson and Karen Walker in Hamilton for recently giving presentations on adoption in their local areas on our behalf.


Thanks to those of you who expressed an interest in being a Key Volunteer in your area. We are just beginning to flesh out what this role would entail. We will also be putting a job description together for Volunteer Presenters who can deliver a ready made Adoption Option presentation to interested groups in their area. We hope to tell you more about this in the next newsletter.


Conference Details Required

We are keen to spread our message that adoption can be a positive option by giving presentations at conferences. The main groups we are targeting are



Pregnancy counsellors

Family Planning counsellors

School guidance counsellors

Youth Workers

If you know of a conference coming up for any of these professionals please do email us the details. Contact us via


Tindall Grant success!

The Adoption Option Trustees are delighted to announce that the Trust was awarded a grant for $8,000 by the Tindall Foundation in September. This grant is to be used on our new resources and supporting our administration. Our thanks go to the Tindall board in Christchurch for their continued support.


Treasurer’s report

Annual Supporters Members costs only $25.00 per annum.

See ‘About Us’, ‘Membership Form’ section on our website for details. Please help us to educate about adoption by becoming a member.


Thank you to the following paid up Annual Supporters Members for year end 31.12.10: Claire Arthurs, Denise and Jim Bensemann, Janine Close, Graeme and Sue Duncan, Robert and Merle Duxfield, Natalie Fronczyk, Yvonne Le Fort,

Kate MacAlister-Nixon, Susan and Tavale Maiava (Mission Support Trust), P.A.T.H.S., Cindy Paul, Roger and Gwenda Smithies, Tony and Beatrice Sullivan, Robin and Lauren Swafford, Graeme and Sylvia Vickers and Voice For Life – Hutt Valley Branch.


Thank you to the following people who have donated money for year end 31.12.10:

Denise and Jim Bensemann, Caravan Media, Catholic Diocese of Christchurch (Tindall Grant 2010), Robert and Merle Duxfield, Christine Hegan, Simon Kingham, Ken McAllister, Justine Mesui, Right to Life NZ Inc. (Christchurch Branch), Roger and Gwenda Smithies, Tony and Beatrice Sullivan, Robin and Lauren Swafford, Kathryn Viney and Voice for Life – Napier.


We really appreciate everyone who has supported us with a financial gift. We would like to say a special thank you to Susan and Tavale Maiava (Mission Support Trust) and Claire Arthurs who donate on a monthly basis. Also we would like to say a special thank you to the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch (Tindall Foundation Grant 2009 and 2010) and Brendan and Kathryne McNeill for their financial gift in 2009. Thanks also to Neil France for preparing our Tax Returns and Annual Financial Reports.

Tracy Matehe – Treasurer


Do you know someone who may be interested in receiving this newsletter? We would be delighted if you would consider forwarding the newsletter link to a few friends. If they want to receive future copies they can email Tracy on to get on the emailing address list. If you do not wish to receive this newsletter please email the secretary and she will remove you from the mailing list.

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