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Why we place our babies for adoption

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Adoption fears 'unfounded'

An article in the Timaru Herald (April 13 2013) quotes CYF saying that out of 250 to 300 currently approved adoptive parents, only a handful are same-sex couples and this is unlikely to change significantly with any law change in marriage.


Adoptions dwindle to all time low

An article in the Press (Feb 10 2013) shows that numbers of adoptions has fallen to just above 20.


Welcome Home

An article in the Sunday Star Times (May 2010) about how adoption has changed over the years.


A happy guinea pig for open adoption

An article in The Press August 2009 about Hannah Duckmanton, who had one of the earliest open adoptions in New Zealand.


Call to give birth parents contact rights under law

An article in the Herald talks aout the legal status of contact rights, including comments from a member of the the Adoption Option.


Adoption advantageous

Letter to the Editor, The Press, July 2008.

Letter to The Press July 08
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Number of babies available for adoption falls sharply.

As the number of adoptions continues to fall, the work of the Adoption Option is profiled in The Press, 13 May 2008


Mum, Dad - I'm pregnant.

Tearaway magazine looks at adoption (March 2008)


Pregnant, Now what are you going to do.

Cleo magazine reviews the options (May 2007) 


Realism, balance needed on adoption.

Stuart Nash, grandson of former prime minister, Sir Walter Nash, writes about his adoption in the New Zealand Herald (11th Feb 2005) 



Trustee Sue Kingham is interviewed by Bill Ralston on RadioLive (14 May 2008). Click here to go to the website or download the MP3 file ((Note: this is 7MB)

RadioLive 14-5-08


Trustees and adoptive parents Sue and Simon Kingham are interviewed by Nic Pegg on Plains FM (13 May 2008). Click here to go to the website or download the MP3 file (Note: this is 17MB)

Plains FM 13-5-08


Trustee and GP Hilary Cleland is interviewed by Nic Pegg on PlainsFM (12 May 2008). Click here to go to the website or download the MP3 file (Note: this is 14 MB)

Plains FM 12-5-08




To read about the hit film, Juno (released 2007), that focused on adoption click here



Do we need to change our adoption laws?

TV One Sept 2012


Q & A on Adoption

TVOne Q&A October 2012


Why is adoption so hard in NZ

Close up, TV 1, June 2012


Women in 'crisis' pregnancies encouraged to adopt out infants

TV3, 14 May 2008


Trust hopes to boost adoption

(video clip) (TVNZ Breakfast, 21 June 2007)


 Trust adopts new approach

(TVNZ, 20 June 2007)


 Image makeover for adoption

 (video clip) (TVNZ news, 20 June 2007)


Trust promoting adoption launched in Christchurch

(with video link) (TV3 news, 20 June 2007)