Adoption Option

Why we place our babies for adoption

Abigail Rebecca Summer

Birth Mum's Checklist

Pregnant and thinking of adoption?A few tips are given below.

The decisions which birth parents must make concerning adoption plans affect them and others for a life time. The following list is offered as a guideline but is not all-inclusive. It is helpful to discuss the various decisions with one's support system, including your family, the other birth parent, your counsellor, good friends, clergy and social worker.


1. Why am I placing this child for adoption?  

2. What kind of an adoption do I desire? 

(Keep in mind that most birth parents want/need more contact with the adoptive family after delivery than before.) Do some reading on types of adoption. Discuss adoptive parents' fears about contact with you after placement; educate them about your possible need to know how the child is doing. Clarify all this before your baby goes home with the adoptive family. Be aware that parties may feel very emotional about this topic. For instance, do you want to:

3. What Kind of Family Do You Want?

Things to Consider:

4. Additional Subjects to Explore with the Prospective Adoptive Parents.  

5. Further Questions to Ask Yourself:  

6. Keep a journal of your experience

You may like to keep a journal of your pregnancy and all of your decision making process. This can be quite a gift to your child someday, who may not be able to ask you directly how all of this unfolded. Be clear in the journal why you are picking a particular family as well as why you are placing the child in the first place. Define your relationship with the birth father, and share not only negative feelings about him, if that is what you are presently feeling, but also the good feelings that allowed you to come together with him in the first place. Talk about your hopes and dreams for yourself and for this child. A family tree and detailed information about your own childhood would also be very helpful for a child. Also, pictures - particularly of you pregnant, would be a nice inclusion.

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